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Recovering from a change of financial circumstances in the mid-1980s, Meg Hornabrook, aged 56, accepted a job at El Questro Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. For a business woman from Melbourne, moving to the remote frontier that is the Kimberley was more than a sea or bush change. It was an opportunity for an unexpected personal journey.

So began her love affair with the timeless and majestic landscape of Australia’s North West.

The million acre El Questro Station had become a tourist mecca and, as a new guide, Meg was given the challenge of compiling a compendium of background information on the history, geography, flora, fauna and Indigenous heritage of the area encompassing El Questro. The gathering of this information enhanced her passion for the region and the expansive research she collected has formed the basis of a remarkable book, The El Questro Story.

This meticulously researched and definitive story is more than a guide to El Questro and the surrounding Kimberley area. The El Questro Story starts at the beginning. It outlines the evolution and formation of one of Earth’s last remaining wildernesses and its unique geological features, and takes us through the migration of the first Australians from the north, the exploration and settlement of the Kimberley and the development of its cattle industry. It describes the discoveries of caves containing the rock art of the first Australians. And it reveals the transformation of El Questro Station into an iconic world-renowned tourist destination.

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